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        在不斷探索前進的近二十年,新聞物業始終堅持精細化、專業化和規范化的品質管理服務,現已建立以ISO9001: 2015質量管理、ISO14001: 2015環境管理、OHSAS18001: 2007職業健康安全管理和B/T31950-2015企業誠信管理體系為核心的整套特色管理標準體系。我們秉承“匠心創造價值,暖心成就服務”的理念,導入國際金鑰匙服務體系,著力打造高品質服務供給,不斷提升客戶滿意度。



        ABOUT  US

        Founded in 2002, Chengdu News Property Co., Ltd. is a professional property service enterprise under Chengdu Media Group, with national first-class property management qualification. It is the member Unit of China Property Management Association, a member Unit of Sichuan Real Estate Association, a standing director Unit of Chengdu Property Management Association, and vice president Unit of Chengdu Jinjiang District residential and Commercial Building Association.

        We are committed to the development of the whole industry. Guided by the shaping of professional service brand, we have consolidated the foundation of property management, implemented diversified service operation, promoted the value preservation and appreciation of property, and provided professional services for such industries as urban landmark office buildings, cultural scenic spots, performing arts venues, sports centers, residential buildings, schools and urban public service. Now it has formed multiple comprehensive services such as urban public service, equipment management and maintenance, event security, etiquette, catering and cultural and creative product sales, which has won wide recognition from the industry and customers. Its service projects have won the honorary titles of city excellent, provincial excellent, national demonstration, high quality service demonstration window and civilized service demonstration window.

        In the past 20 years of continuous exploration and development, news property has always adhered to fine, professional and standardized quality management services. It has established a complete set of characteristic management standards system with ISO9001:2015 quality management, ISO14001:2015 environmental management, OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management and GB/T31950-2015 enterprise integrity management system as the core. Adhering to the service concept of Creating value with ingenuity & Achieving service with warm heart’, we have introduced the international golden key service system, and strive to create high-quality service supply and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

        Create beauty of service with heart  is our service belief and value pursuit. Relying on the unique media service system, in the future, we will continue to explore and extend with a more open and innovative attitude, and strive to become the most influential high-end service provider and intelligent integrated service operator in the west, and become a new leader in high-end service and intelligent comprehensive service.


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